Angular Parameters of Elliptical Orbit

Angular parameters of elliptical orbit in orbital mechanics

Celestial sphere

Celestial sphere

Eighth heaven, is called Muzaloth (Heb.), in 2 Enoch 21:7. This heaven controls the changing of Earth's seasons, the drought and rain, and the twelve constellations of the circle of the firmament.

From a macrocosom perspective, the eighth heaven may control the dynamics for all planetary seasons, not just Earths. The Earth witnesses seasons by its orbital revolution around the Sun, passing each constellation every month. From the Earth's perspective, these constellations seem fixed in the sky. However, in the dynamics of the universe, everything is moving. A common pattern of movement for all celestial bodies is Celestial rotation and most orbital bodies rotate on an axial tilt. Even the galaxies rotate on a Galaxy rotation curve.

The Eighth heaven could be interpreted as the universe's engine room, in control of the entire orbital construct right down to the microcosm, as studied in Molecular orbital theory.

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