Ecliptic path

Ecliptic path, Tauʻolunga, July 2006

Ninth heaven, called Kuchavim (Heb)., is where the heavenly homes of the twelve constellations, of the circle of the firmament, are.

In examination of the word "homes" in 2 Enoch 21:8, this passage could be referring to the positions of the twelve constellations, namely the constellations of the zodiac. The positions of the constellations are not only the order in which they are viewed from the Earth's perspective, but also their physical positions as star systems that make up the constellations they represent. This celestial construct suggests an order to the universe, and not of one that is just thrown together in a chaotic soup of stars.

In order for the angels on the Sixth heaven to observe the "goings on of the stars"[1] and human affairs,[2] the constellations of star systems would have to be positioned perfectly and systematically. Their positions would have to follow the same principles of orbital mechanics that Earth does, as governed by the Eighth heaven.[3]

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