Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides

Sixth heaven is where "seven bands of angels", as wells as archangels, observe human activities on the Earth. They observe the influences of the stars, the alteration of the moon, and the revolution of the sun[1] (See also: Heavenly circles, and Sun gates).

2 Enoch 19 describes the sixth heaven occupants as observing the "good government of the world" (19:1). This phrase could be interpreted as the goodly way the celestial dynamics govern the Earth and how they influence human behavior. Using their celestial calculations, they observe human affairs. The archangels on this level[2] will "make the orders", as "when they see evildoing they make commandments and instruction" (19:2). Their orders, commandments, and instruction may involve in the intervening of human affairs, as witnessed in concepts such as: Angel guidesAscended masters, and spirit guides.

In the midst of these angelic affairs, are six Phoenixes, six Cherubim, and six six-winged ones who continually sing with one voice, a "sweet and loud singing and all songs of praise"[3] that "is not possible to describe" (19:3).

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