Yggdrasil Tree of life

The Prose Edda (1847) Tree of Life, painted by Oluf Olufsen Bagge

The Third heaven contains both a heavenly paradise and a terrible and torturous fiery place.


In the heavenly paradise of the Third heaven, there is the Tree of Life which is rooted down to the Earth in the Garden of Eden.[1] This heavenly paradise is prepared for the righteous and compassionate.[2]

The terrible placeEdit

David howard hitchcocks oil painting halemaumau lake of fire 1888

David Howard Hitchcock's oil painting "Halemaumau", Lake of Fire,' 1888

Also in the Third heaven, there is a torturous place of cruel darkness surfaced by murky fire, with a distinct fiery river coming forth.[3] This place is prepared for those who have dishonoured God on Earth, by practicing sin against nature.[4] The terrible place may be a reference to the Lake of Fire in the Book of Revelation Chapters 19-21. The Lake of Fire is interpreted as a place of punishment by perpetual torment, and not necessarily of annihilation.[5]


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